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We at WomanKind Midwives would like to introduce you to our practice.

WomanKind Midwives is a practice unique in the Lexington area because we are a nurse midwife (CNM) owned practice.  This translates to you the patient having the confidence that we are able to fully give the power of your birth to you.  We believe your birth experience belongs to you and you deserve to be empowered by your birth experience.  Our role is to support you in your choices and help facilitate safe passage for you and your baby during your pregnancy and birth.

At WomanKind Midwives, you can be confident you will have one of the three nurse midwives attend your birth.  We do not share call with any other practice, physician, or hospital laborist.  Melissa Courtney, CNM; Kendra Adkisson, CNM; and Ashley Ebert, CNM are the three nurse midwives.  We spend time with you during your labor process, one on one, catering to your needs.  You can be confident that our care is consistent.  We share the same philosophy.  We work as a team.  We regularly meet to discuss your care so we all are on the same page with your care.  You can be confident your care will be seamless.

Our care with you is time intensive.  We are committed to making your wait times as short as possible by not overbooking appointments.  We are committed to getting you in for a problem visit appointment as immediate as possible which most of the time is a same day visit.  Our office phone comes to us directly after hours for all of your emergency questions. 

We offer care to women across the lifespan.  We do not just attend births. We provide a multitude of your women health care needs including gynecology, family planning, primary care, and pregnancy.   

We will support women who are choosing VBACs after one previous C-section if you meet certain criteria. 

We offer a free consultation visit if you are considering our practice.  This allows you 15 minutes of our time to freely ask questions and become acquainted with us to see if our practice is right for you. 

We invite you to browse our website.   We hope to hear from you soon!


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