Melissa Courtney, APRN, CNM
Our Mission at WomanKind Midwives is to be in existence to provide superior midwifery (obstetrics), gynecology, and primary healthcare to women across the lifespan in an environment that exudes kindness and compassion, which ultimately leads to the empowerment of women.

Our Goals
  • Empower women to be partners in their health care decisions
  • Provide care that incorporates mind, body, and spirit
  • Create a work environment that is friendly, caring, and
         professionally satisfying to patients and our staff
  • Provide care that exceeds patient's expectations
  • Provide a safe environment for patient's to express themselves
         without fear
  • Provide a practice that patients and staff proudly recommend to
         their family, friends, and acquaintances

We Believe in the strength that women embody in all aspects of their lives.  We believe in giving women choices and supporting them in their choices concerning obstetrics, gynecology, and primary health care. 

We offer care to women across the lifespan.  We do not just attend births.  We can meet a multitude of your women's healthcare needs including gynecology, primary health care and obstetrics.

Why a Nurse Midwife?  Do you want to feel like you have all of your questions answered before you leave your appointment and not feel rushed?  Do you want to feel like your provider is really listening and responding to your concerns/questions?  Do you want to feel like at each visit (whether it is in regards to obstetrics, gynecology, or primary health care) that you have learned more and are more confident about your health care decisions?  If you answered yes, you may want to consider having a nurse midwife as your health care provider.  A nurse midwife schedules to spend more time with you at each visit to be able to meet your needs.  For our pregnant patients, a nurse midwife spends more time with you in your labor and delivery process whether you choose an epidural or medication free birth.  We push with you whether it is 5 minutes to 3 hours.  A nurse midwife supports your choices in positions for your birth.  We encourage the use of water in your labor process whether it is the tub or shower.  IV use is not mandatory unless you are GBS positive.  We do not do episiotomies unless a medical emergency.  A nurse midwife also assists you in breastfeeding after the birth if you desire.  Although we believe in your right to choose a home birth, we will only be able to provide labor support at The Women's Hospital at Saint Joseph East.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.  -Maya Angelou-
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The Women's Hospital at Saint Joseph East
Melissa does all her deliveries at the only Women's Hosptial in central Kentucky. It is part of St. Joseph East Hosptial on Eagle Creek Drive in Lexington, KY. Please click on the picture of The Women's Hosptial for more information at their website that ranges from Directions, Virtual Tour, Pre-Registration and classes for pregnancy.
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